Seamless Home Extensions

Feb 18, 2016

Seamless Home Extensions should be something every customer should end up with. There is nothing worse than a home extension looking like an add on. The Complete Home Extensions team are specialists at dovetailing the new with the old, the stylish with the traditional, and incorporating modern conveniences in ways that work with your existing environment and the practicalities of modern day living. We are very particular when matching windows, doors, external cladding, roofing, paint colour and other materials as close to the original as possible to ensure a seamless look and feel that adds real value to you home. The new wing added to this home in Burbank matches the existing residence in every detail. Once the painting is finished, you would never know the house extension was built several years after the original home.

Take a look in our gallery and see other home extensions we have built that blend in perfectly with the existing home.  See if you can spot where the original home finishes and the new home extension starts.

Adding an extension often also means refurbishing part of your existing home.  It may be to incorporate accessways to your new living areas or your old bedrooms may be about to become the media room you have always wanted.  There is no better time than this to give your home the ultimate makeover.  Take advantage of our consultation services while you can.  Our friendly staff have great design ideas and are more than happy to help you to ensure your new extension blends perfectly on the inside as well as the outside.

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