A Little About Us…

Complete Home Extensions is a family owned and operated business based in South East Queensland. The two principals, Michael and Chris Mellare are a father and son team who have been working together in the building industry for a great many years. Their combined expertise and experience of over 70 years is exactly what you need in the extension arena, where top flight knowledge and skills are essential to successfully dovetail the new with the old, the stylish with the traditional, and incorporate modern conveniences in ways that work with the environment and the practicalities of modern day living

Whilst the design is to be aesthetically pleasing, we place significant importance on all aspects of safety and meeting and/or exceeding building requirements. Safety is paramount. Not just safety on the worksite. We are dedicated to ensuring all structures are built the right way, so they are safe for you, your family and friends to enjoy well into the future.

We have the best crew of Trades people working on Complete Home Extensions projects. They are competent and extremely capable. Their work is the best you will find anywhere, and this is not just because they know the standard of work Mike and Chris expect. They love what they do, are proud of what they build and care as much about our customers as we do.