Louvre Windows in your home extension

Feb 18, 2016

Unlike sliding windows, louvres allow air to flow through almost 100% of the window area. How good is that! You control the strength of the breeze that you let through, and when you close them up, they seal tightly to keep the water, wind and dust out.Modern louvres have come a long way from the old days. They are now key lockable for your security and can be fully screened to keep the bugs outside where they belong. When you are designing your home extension, louvre windows are well worth considering. Used effectively, louvres can reduce your cooling costs in the summer and heating costs in the winter. In the right situation, the extra light and ventilation the louvres provide can make a huge difference to your room, not to mention they can look amazing in the right setting. In this home extension built recently at Currumbin, louvres have been used extensively in combination with raked ceilings and fixed glass panels to maximise views and ventilation, making the most of this beautiful settings.  You can see more images from this single story home extension in our gallery.


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