Oct 19, 2017


One of the really special features of dealing with Complete Home Extensions is our ability to create great custom granny flat designs.

A great example is this granny flat, soon to be built in Ormeau, Queensland as it has been specifically designed to match the existing home.  The window type, size and positioning has been changed to create a similar look and feel to the existing residence.  We have topped this off with a brick front and a tiled roof.  The roof pitch has even been altered to match and a fancy gable facade trim has been added, so this new granny flat will stand side by side in harmony with the existing residence.

Our designs are built on site and are fully customisable to compliment your home and blend in perfectly.  This one is a great example of just what we can do.  Matching to your existing home ensures our granny flats are aesthetically pleasing and are a value-adding addition to your property.

So talk to us today on 1300309751.  There is sure to be a design that will work for you.  If not, we can design one to your requirements.  We build on your site using local materials and our locally trusted trades.  That ensures a quality job every time.

Complete Home Extensions is your one stop shop for all of your Granny Flat requirements.

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